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Collect position, heading and speed information on the field and analyse your results on a map in the office via the web-based Alberding measurement data analysis tool. Either in real time or in post processing mode you will be able to determine whether your survey job was made in the right place and your measurement results remained within deviation thresholds. Import standard NMEA strings recorded during your survey or connect a fleet of sensors in operation to follow their position and the state of the job online. Replay and analyse your measurement data in pseudo real time to visually and statistically detect out-of-tolerance values. Identify the source of the deviations while processing your original data in various scenarios. Compare the performance of different GNSS or other sensors working simultaneously.

Document your results in custom format text files or receiver independent GPS exchange format (GPX) files. Through the application's web interface you can easily share your results with your team members or project partners. The Alberding measurement data analysis tool was designed for performance validation of on-board GNSS units used in the German electronic motorway toll collect system. The system is ideal for road or railway survey data analysis, as well as for the evaluation of pipeline or hydrographic survey operations.

  • Web-based tool for measurement data processing, analysis and visualisation.
  • Support of GNSS and heading sensors.
  • Comparison of results from simultaneous measurements.
  • Real-time and post processing mode.
  • Support of NMEA input data.
  • Support of TCP and Ntrip data streams.
  • Export custom format reports.

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