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The Immunization Module is part of Medgate’s Occupational Health Software Suite. This module is a complete tool for capturing details regarding immunizations, vaccines, and titers/tests administered to employees.

This module will enable occupational health professionals to:

  • Track detailed information regarding any immunization that is administered to employees throughout the organization
  • Efficiently create and track immunization campaigns (i.e.: flu shot clinics)
  • Integrate with the Inventory Module to manage vaccines by lot number and track expiration dates as well as quantities used/remaining
  • Integrate with the Travel Module to track all immunizations administered/declined for travel-related purposes
  • Configure immunization recalls and automatically notify employees when they are due for follow-up doses

The features of this module fall into three groups:

  • Tracking Immunizations
  • Immunization Reports
  • Integration Points


  • Integrate with the Inventory Module to track vaccine lot numbers, associated health center, manufacturer, expiration dates, and quantities
  • Define company-specific intervals between doses of the immunization/ test, which enables the system to:
    • Automatically calculate recall dose dates based on the immunization/ test selected and date administered
    • Notify employees when they are next due for the next immunization/ test
  • Generate individual or batch recall letters depicting specifics about immunization recalls for one or more employees that can be printed/emailed to employees / supervisors, etc.
  • Track the specific vaccine administered (brand / name / description), the dosage amount, the administrator, and the reviewer (if applicable)
  • Track immunization route
  • Record whether the employee declined the immunization, which will automatically remove them from the recall program and be noted on the travel record, if applicable
  • Capture results, (i.e.: negative or positive), associated comments, symptoms
  • Reference any allergies, medications or contraindications for the employee directly within the immunization record
  • Connect a questionnaire to an employee’s immunization record (i.e.: consent questionnaire) through inherent integration with the Questionnaire Module
  • Use the Questionnaire Module to send a questionnaire to a batch of employees for efficient capture/completion of required data prior to an immunization campaign
  • Capture any consent forms or other questionnaires on the employee’s medical record in the Medical Chart Module
  • Record any notes relating to the immunization
  • Attach any related letters or documents to the immunization record

  • Run Medgate Standard Reports tool to view details such as immunization history, recall status, and employees who declined immunization
  • Use Medgate’s Report Writer tool to track any information captured within the module
  • Leverage the dynamic Metrics tool to analyse/slice and dice immunization counts based on any filters/dimensions you require (ie: administered by, vaccine, immunization route, etc.)

Below is a list of the modules that integrate with the Immunization module in the Occupational Health Software Suite:

  • Clinic Visit
  • Inventory
  • Medical Chart
  • Questionnaire
  • Travel

Industrial Hygiene Software Suite

  • Risk Assessment

Training Software Suite (for education recall activities)

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