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In the past 20 years, media reports of climate issues have largely focused on global challenges, such as greenhouse gases or catastrophic storms like hurricanes Hugo, Andrew, and Fran. Reliable climate information and data are necessary-directly or indirectly-to achieve sustainable economic advantages in virtually every enterprise in the world.


There are many practical day-to-day uses for climate information. Some actvities, like construction, aviation, and agriculture, are more sensitive than others, such as medicine or accounting. But at some level, almost everything depends upon the weather and, hence, climate.

Every meteorological center has the need of operational climatological information designed to suit the customer's requests.

MESSIR-CLIM is the solution! It has all the features needed. It is the perfect combination between speed and a large amount of information processed in different graphic forms. Climatological tables, climatological summaries and descriptive climatological memoranda, all of this can be done be MESSIR-CLIM.


Powerful Relational Database Management System
MESSIR-CLIM's Climatologic and Database Management System, based on SQL technology, ensures climatological data acquisition and storage and provides complete and relevant information to end-users, in order to fulfill any complex queries.

The database is organized so as to optimize the use of memory sizes allotted to the Display and is able to print any statistics you create!

Display and print any statistics you create!
MESSIR-CLIM processed information is presented in terms of tables, maps or diagrams. The extremely flexible interface allows the user to create almost any filtering thresholds to process climatologies. The filtering criteria usually consists of time intervals, areas, specific parameters and value criteria for selected parameters.

Powerful integration tool
MESSIR-CLIM WORKSTATION integrates a vast amount of information and displays:

  • Full-color historical and climatological maps including averages, minima, maxima of any parameter selected
  • Upper air diagrams and ground plotting for any station in the database
  • Temperature, wind, pressure, rain, snow, fog – whatever statistics you need!
  • You may create any combinations of filtering parameters and create your own statistics
  • MESSIR-CLIM creates CLIM messages and send them through GTS using MESSIR-COMM
  • MESSIR-CLIM disseminates through your network any tables, graphs or maps created. Easy interface with MESSIR-VISION, MESSIR-AERO and MESSIR-MEDIA
  • MESSIR-CLIM creates standard WMO statistics, including air traffic routes climatology of wind and temperature
  • MESSIR-CLIM allows user to compare in quasi-real time climatological information with the latest meteorological messages available - as an example, users can compare real data and climatological fields on maps observing the anomalies directly.


MESSIR-CLIM ingests any meteorological information received in standard code forms. Starting with METAR and SYNOP data to the upper air information - TEMP - all can be processed using MESSIR-CLIM's user-friendly interface.

MESSIR-CLIM SQL database offers easy and fast access to a large amount of meteorological information
Any standard database can be imported and quasi-real time data ingestion is possible through MESSIR-COMM.

MESSIR-CLIM quality control module checks all the data ingested. Data validity, internal, temporal and spatial consistencies are flagged in real time. The checks are fully configurable by the database administrator through a user-friendly interface.

MESSIR-CLIM can display processed information using the classic forms - tables and graphs or, by user's choice, the map display.

MESSIR-CLIM's unique flexible interface allows user to generate unique, customized climatologies in order to fulfill any customer's request, using different filters on any parameter contained in the original messages.

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