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- Fully-Automated Meteorological Web Server Software

MESSIR-NET is a fully-automated meteorological web server dedicated to the display of specific, pre-selected meteorological information on a web interface via a Web server. MESSIR-NET is AUTOMATICALLY updated in real-time with fresh met data received via the MESSIR-COMM Message Switching System. Internet users can view on line all this fresh data including text observations and forecasts, GRIB-coded NWP models, satellite and radar images, home-made charts, pilot briefing. MESSIR-NET data can be accessed from any workstation that has an Internet browser connected to the Internet (or via Intranet).

  • Information provided by MESSIR-NET to users:
  • Present weather conditions
  • Alpha-numeric bulletins
  • Individual OPMET reports
  • Satellite images
  • Significant weather charts
  • Time series
  • Flight documentation
  • Products / documents created by forecasters
  • Movies produced using MESSIR-Media system
  • T4 coded charts,
  • Wind/Temp and other models charts created from GRIB data,
  • Weather forecast tables

All available information can be configured on per user/per group basis.

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