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With the progression of science, and developments in the accuracy of numerical weather prediction, the need for more frequent and comprehensive data from space has arisen. This has led to the current work on the MSG (Meteosat Second Generation) system. MSG is a significantly enhanced follow-on system to the current generation of Meteosat. MESSIR-SAT is a comprehensive, flexible and modular turnkey Workstation allowing for the acquisition, processing and display of the 12 high resolution spectral channels, the derived products and the MDD text and binary data available through the Eumetsat Broadcast System (EUMETCast).

GEONETCast is a near real time, global network of satellite-based data dissemination systems designed to distribute space-based, air-borne and in situ data, metadata and products to diverse communities.
The features offered by MESSIR-SAT cover the full range from the basic satellite image display to elaborated multiple layers overlays essential to modern forecast and nowcasting.


Runs on PC-based standard platform:

  • Runs on standard Intel-based PC or server equipped with a DVB acquisition card.
  • Compatibility with the latest desktop and server editions of Windows Operating System


C-band or Ku-based reception of XRIT (HRIT+LRIT) MSG data flow via the EUMETCast service (EUMETSAT EUM TD 15 compliant)


Access to the full range of MSG data and products

12 SEVIRI spectral channels from Meteosat-8

  • 3 visible channels : VIS06, VIS08,
  • HRV (up to 1km resolution)
  • 7 infrared channels : IR 1.6, IR 3.9,iIR 8.7, IR 10.8, IR 12.0, IR 9.7, IR 13.4
  • 2 water vapor channels : WV 6.2,WV 7.3

Foreign satellite images : Meteosat-7, Meteosat-5, GMS, GOES-E, GOES-W MSG MPEF, rapid scan and derived products :

  • Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMV)
  • Multi-Sensor Sensor Précipitation estimate (MPE)
  • Cloud Analysis and classification
  • Sea Surface Temperature (SST)
  • Cloud Top Height (CTH)
  • Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
  • Albedo
  • Meteorological Products Extraction Facility (MPEF)
  • Rapid Scanning Service (RSS)

ATOVS / EARS data processing GRIB-coded Numerical Weather Prediction Model: ECMWF, EGRR models

MDD text and graphical products in WMO format

  • SYNOP observations
  • TEMP soundings
  • T4-coded charts


GEONETCast is a Task in the GEO Work Plan and is led by EUMETSAT, the United States, China, and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Many GEO Members and Participating Organizations contribute to this Task.

The following products and services are being made available to the GEONETCast user community:

  • Meteosat image data
  • GOES East and West image data
  • Land and Ocean Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility (SAF) products
  • EUMETSAT meteorological products
  • NOAA-NESDIS meteorological products
  • NOAA-NESDIS Ocean colour and sea surface temperature products
  • VEGETATION products from VITO
  • MODIS Ocean colour products
  • CMA FY2C satellite images
  • CMA FY2C meteorological products


Advanced visualization functions
Quick-view of the latest images received
Channels calibration with Eumetsat calibration data. Vis channels are calibrated in reflectance and IR/WVchannels in temperature.

Spectral channels combination: differences, RGB composites…

Integrated map editor featuring :

  • Standard re-projections : spaceiview, cylindrical, mercator, lambert,istereographic
  • User-defined geographical areas, selectable map components: boundaries, coasts, rivers, regions,iflight information regions (FIR),iairports, cities, …
  • Topograhic (DEM) and texture database
  • Satellite images overlay with plotting maps from MSG/MDD observation data
  • Calibration and customizable color palettes: RGB values, transparency…
  • 3D product generation
  • Multi-screen support (with compatible video card)
  • Data redistribution and export
  • Manual or scheduled-basis image export

Various image formats:

  • JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PostScript, PDF…

Various export/redistribution modes: local storage, FTP, WMO/GTS standard protocols, NFS, e-mail…
Events and operations logging journal Web server feeding

  • COROBOR is the only MSG supplier offering an all-in-one software package 100% produced in-house allowing for image and products overlay and annotation.
  • MESSIR-SAT allows for the processing, display and combination of the whole range of MSG data streams including METEOSAT images and MDD data.
  • MESSIR-SAT inherits from MESSIR systems intuitive look-and-feel. The users will quickly become familiar and productive with MESSIR-SAT.
  • MESSIR-SAT is fully compliant with the EUMETSAT document entitled EUM TD 15 - EUMETCast Technical Description
  • MESSIR-SAT provides you with a wide range of options to display your data and make it visually striking.
  • Multi-language support. MESSIR-SAT user interface is available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish languages.
  • COROBOR participates to PUMA by providing its MESSIR software integrating the MSG satellite imagery and the MDD and GTS data (observations, models,....) received through the MSG broadcast.
  • COROBOR is proud to be part of the ALCATEL-VCS-COROBOR consortium selected by EUMETSAT, as a result of an international competition, to be the supplier of the large PUMA project. PUMA takes full advantage of the METEOSAT-MSG satellite broadcast. PUMA goal is to boost African agricultural output and save lives by providing early-warning weather systems.
  • The timely information can help warn of natural disasters, improve food security, increase public health management and lead to more efficient uses for water and energy. In addition, climate changes and desertification can be tracked with greater precision.

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