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METCOM has set the industry standard over the last 20 years for fast, reliable and accurate weather monitoring at airports around the world. It has been developed by our industry professionals and is now currently in use at every major UK airport and dozens of smaller aerodromes nationally. METCOM provides guaranteed up to the minute information for controllers to enable production of METAR and SPECI reports as well as interfacing with the whole family of Muir Matheson Software solutions to allow inclusion of data from systems such as 3rd party IRVR and wind.

The software distributes its information onto the AFTN network. Additionally the software produces an ATIS broadcast comprising the most recent meteorological data and various other customisable messages for transmission over the airwaves and for access via telephone. For larger airfields the facility exists to produce separate arrival and departure ATIS broadcasts ensuring the most appropriate data is delivered to airfield users. NOTAM functionality is also included which includes pre-recorded common messages but with the added utility of synthesising new messages or recording vocal files and saving them for further use.

The system is built to comply and exceed the requirements of ICAO and the WMO and meets all the current standards of CAA CAP670 and CAP746.

Having such a reliable, customisable platform affords Muir Matheson the ability to engineer the software for your aerodrome’s requirements and not just offer an ‘off the shelf’ product that may not suit all of your needs. For a typical application of the software in a large system, please visit the ‘System Packages’ page. Metcom is fully supported by the Airports software development team and comprehensive upgrade and maintenance packages to meet changing CAA regulations are available. For full details, please see the Services section.

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