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Meteorological Radar Software


Software FROG-MURAN Approved operation in governmental networks with more than 15 radar . Network references: DWD 19 radars, SIVAM + DEPV, Brazil 18 radars, Morocco 6 radars. Dual polarization functions and operational reference in mountainous regions, with presence of strong clutter. Algorithms tested and approved by governmental agencies (DWD, BAF, ESA…). Easy extendable (new radars or user workstations) without programming, just by adding a license in the configuration. Flexible licensing concept for easy extension of additional users or algorithms without re-programming or SW re-installations . Separate Radar Control and Product display. Concurrent multi-tasking product generation


  • GCP- IV – Radar Control Processor – Interfaces FROG-MURAN to any radar, old or new
  • MOSAIC – Large area weather compositing workstation:
  • Radar composite resulting from all networked radars available
    • homogeneous or heterogeneous radar types.

Meteorological sensors like rain gauges, lightning detection, satellite and ATC flight data compositing and merging.

MSFUSE – Multi-Sensor Fusion – Combines data from various non-radar sources

  • SAT Satellite Image Integration
  • GAUGE Rain gauge Data Integration
  • AWOS Automatic Weather Observation System Integration
  • LLWAS Low Level Wind Shear System Integration
  • NWP Numerical Weather Prediction Model Interface
  • Cloud radar profiles

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