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- Version ZENTRA Cloud - Realtime Online Data

More data and fewer resources mean you need help to get your data to a place you can use. ZENTRA Cloud works together with the ZL6 to start the analysis process for you. It aggregates all your data in one easy place and automatically graphs it, in near-real time. Now, see important trending information as it happens, instead of having to comb through imported spreadsheets. Near-real-time visualization of several different data streams means you can easily check on—and share—current site conditions, such as recharge from the last rain event or plant available water. Pull near-real-time data up at a conference to illustrate a point, or share current data with your students to teach them how to model evapotranspiration. ZENTRA Cloud does all the data legwork, with minimal effort, so you and your students can spend less time collecting data and more time publishing it.