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MINIWIN Software for Remote Control, Data Storage and LIMS. MiniWin integrates our instruments into your LIMS. Think of your PC as a intelligent keyboard: for sample identification, selection of measurement method. Store results on paper and in your database.

MiniWin is flexible: We do not impose a complicated program on you. MiniWin is like our instruments: light and reliable.

If you cannot rely on a PC all the time, when you are out in the field, that is O.K. with us: We are not tying your instrument to the lab bench: Operate in the field without any PC, just carry the instrument out and retrieve data later, when you connect again to the PC.

If you have a higher throughput, you will appreciate MiniWin as the intelligent keyboard to get your sample identification into the instrument. Get your results back. Formatted for printing, collected for storage and ready for exporting to you LIMS.

MINIWIN allows for seamless integration of VPS, VPSH and LPG to your PC and LIMS system.

  • Easy access to label samples
  • Check and adapt standards and correlation formulas
  • Store and transfer results

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