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MIRS Suite, EHS Consultant Edition


MIRS Suite™is a revolutionary tool developed specifically for consultants. The comprehensive software provides environmental data management and compliance reporting for multiple facilities and even multiple companies, all in a single package. Easily manage a client's environmental data and produce accurate regulatory reports.

MIRS Suite™encompasses EPA SARA Title III (including Section 313), Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, RCRA, SDS management and OSHA Hazard Communication reporting.

MIRS Suite™combines the power and value of allMIRS™major and add-on modules. For less than the cost of a single module of competing EHS software, you can manage data and create EPA-approved reports for an unlimited number of clients.

  • SARA
  • (M)SDS
  • FORM R
  • AIR
  • CLE (Chemical List Extension
  • LOCAL Tier II

Consultants who useMIRS Suite™to supply data management and reporting services to clients benefit from the flexible and economic pricing structure.MIRS Suite™requires a one-time only initial purchase of the program. Facilities are leased on an annual basis, which supplies complete program functionality for a 12-month period.

The following features are included at no additional cost:

  • Regulatory updates
  • Multiple user LAN and WAN options
  • Unlimited telephone support

Facility packages are available in initial increments of five, ten or fifty facilities. Additional facilities can be added to the program at any time, in increments of one, five, ten or fifty facilities, providing growth flexibility.

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