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When non-vehicle assets are priority. The benefits of a professional, fully integrated fleet management solution are well known among fleet owners and managers. Tracking and monitoring vehicles and drivers enable an array of practical and cost-related improvements.

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But what about in industries where assets are just as valuable as vehicles and drivers?
Now, MiX Asset Manager offers superior protection for assets of all kinds – mobile and fixed; with or without a dedicated power source – across many different industries. Unlike manual systems, MiX Asset Manager offers an automatic, electronic registry of assets, their statuses and whereabouts so that they can be:

  • Located and/or tracked on a map – historically or in real-time;
  • Managed in terms of service intervals and odometer readings, and
  • Billed for more accurately when rented out.

This improved control and visibility can dramatically reduce the costs of not knowing an asset’s whereabouts, and has the potential to optimize asset deployment and utilization.

Flexible tracking and locating options
A variety of asset tracking and locating solutions are available to suit various types of assets as well as the conditions in which they operate. You can choose to have your solution delivered via wired, battery operated (wireless) or low-cost options.

Familiar interface
Once data is collected, asset managers can access an asset’s data via the secure and familiar software interface of MiX Fleet Manager.

Asset information
The solution’s software platform allows users to enter asset details and set up service and licensing reminders, periodic certification reminders and entered fuel data.

Live and historical tracking
Functionality includes to locate and track assets, view asset diagnostics like battery status and signal strength, and export a full list of assets. Historical tracking allows viewing of detailed trip replays, distances traveled and previous events.

Timeline and info streams
See utilization of assets, events and detailed trip information on a timeline while proactively monitoring assets with events and activities in real-time via live information streams.

Obtain detailed event, trip, location, service and entered fuel reports through MiX Insight Reports.

Increase visibility
MiX Asset Manager enables asset managers and owners in multiple industries – including Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transport & Logistics, Utilities, Agriculture and more – to locate, track and manage their assets.

Reduce risk
With increased visibility, the risk of losing an asset or having it stolen is reduced considerably. MiX Asset Manager offers tamper alerts and the option to replay asset movements, distances traveled and events too.

Maximize revenue
Knowing where an asset is at all times, as well as its availability, can help to improve asset planning, utilization and efficiency. This, in addition to accurate billing for rental assets, can be achieved by using the live tracking feature as well as various reports offered by MiX Insight Reports.

Minimize costs
MiX Asset Manager offers a choice of asset tracking options that are easy to install, requiring little-to-no downtime at all. Where batteries are required, batteries offer a good lifespan and no maintenance. Costs relating to manually locating assets can also be reduced.

Streamline processes
The solution offers the functionality to manage various aspects relating to an asset’s day-to-day running by electronically capturing asset details, service and licensing information, and fuel entered.

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