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- Task Management Software


An easy-to-use task management application that boosts efficiency. Running a business is tough. Customers want more, for less, in the shortest amount of time. Effective communication between managers and their employees is critical to business success. Introducing MiX Go, a feature of MiX Fleet Manager and MiX SafeDrive, and an innovative task management application for effective communication and engagement with mobile fieldworkers.

Available on Google Play

MiX Go offers a simple, effective tool for success. It empowers managers, business owners and fleet operators while providing mobile fieldworkers with all the tools they need to perform effectively.

  • Paperless job dispatching
  • Two-way messaging
  • Customisable workflows
  • Tracking of completed tasks
  • Locating and assigning the nearest employee
  • Barcode scanning
  • Electronic proofs of delivery
  • Database of customer information
  • Capturing of signatures and photos


MiX Go combines all the benefits of navigation, tracking and template-driven e-forms. They are quick to realise, providing a major competitive advantage for MiX Go users worldwide.

Stay in control
Managers can create tasks for their employees via the MiX Telematics web platform and keep an eye on the progress of these tasks from start to finish.

Increase productivity
Employees receive tasks via their mobile devices and, in turn, can input job details and customer information, and report problems while they’re out and about.

Save time
Processes become streamlined and jobs become easier, while administrative time spent on daily tasks becomes less, as does the need for exhaustive communication. Even sub-contractors can be included when they connect using their own Android devices – it’s that simple!

Improve customer service
Customers and operators can input their signatures on screen, indicating the completion of a task, while all tasks performed can be validated with a GPS position.

Boost profitability
MiX Go brings efficiency and transparency to businesses by eliminating unnecessary complexities and promoting effective communication. In so doing, companies improve service levels and save on related costs.

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