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MiX Fleet Manager Premium offers fleet operators unlimited access to information about their vehicles and drivers, with a host of features, tools and reports to help maximize return on investment. The solution comprises a sophisticated on-board computer, which collects and transmits valuable vehicle and driver data. This data is hosted in one of several top-tier data centers, and information is accessible online or via a mobile app (for Android or iOS). Our customers from around the world agree: whatever the goal – be it to save fuel, improve safety, increase utilization or enhance customer service – MiX Fleet Manager Premium is proven to bring about guaranteed and significant results.

Superior platform
The MiX Fleet Manager Premium software platform is where all the magic happens. As well as being completely secure, it is packed with features to help fleet operators make informed and timely decisions regarding the performance of their fleet.

Vital tracking functionality
The tracking module provides a real-time view of a vehicle or asset’s position – whether it’s stationary or on the move – and which driver is behind the wheel. It also shows information relating to speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violations, past trips and more.

Live information streams
Proactive monitoring is possible thanks to live streams of information. These streams are user-defined and contain information about events as well as messages to and from the connected asset and/or driver. For priority trips, a stream can be undocked and kept open while navigating the rest of the application.

Powerful reporting suite
The solution’s robust reporting capability enables data to be reviewed and analyzed in detail as well as in dynamic and customizable formats. Reports include movement, location, and trip and utilization reports, as well as driver scoring, fuel, event violations and cost analysis reports.

Flexible to your every need
MiX Fleet Manager Premium is compatible with a flexible range of services, add-ons and accessories by MiX Telematics. Depending on specific operational goals or regional requirements, customers can choose from video recording systems, in-cab navigation and messaging devices, driver engagement tools, an Hours of Service solution, journey management and satellite communication among others.

Reduce fuel usage by up to 15%
The rising cost of fuel has a major impact on fleet businesses. MiX Fleet Manager Premium can not only monitor and subsequently reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% but advanced reporting and analytics detects behaviors related to inefficient driving so that they can be corrected.

Improve driver behavior and safet
When vehicles are driven well, they naturally perform more efficiently and so require less maintenance. MiX Fleet Manager Premium provides all the tools necessary to monitor, manage and improve driver behavior for enhanced efficiency purposes and increased overall safety.

Maximize fleet efficiency
Getting the most from a fleet can be a major concern. Activity timelines are particularly useful to help illustrate fleet utilization patterns and assist in boosting fleet efficiency. Automated reminders aid in managing service and licensing schedules.

Increase visibility
Because MiX Fleet Manager Premium provides visibility over a fleet, customer service is one more aspect that improves as a result. The solution includes a find-nearest-vehicle function, which allows fleet managers to identify the closest vehicle to a customer site and route them there directly.

Lower risk and liability
80% of vehicle accidents are caused by human error. MiX Fleet Manager Premium targets this problem with the option of in-cab video to monitor driver performance, identify unsafe behaviors and provide audible alerts. This increases safety and, ultimately lowers risk and liability.

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