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Take a streamlined, mobile version of Used Equipment Evaluation into the field with CDK MobileInspection. Properly evaluating used equipment at the dealership is a vital part of managing a successful operation – but  when the equipment can’t come to the dealership, CDK MobileInspection provides a solution.

CDK MobileInspection allows sales or service staff to input their portion of an evaluation into a laptop or handheld device while in the field, and then synchronize the data back to IntelliDealer.

Helping improve the efficiency of the sales and used equipment evaluation process in the field, as well as reducing the need to re-key data upon returning the dealership are the key goals of this mobile application.

Without CDK MobileInspection, sales or service staff who needed to inspect equipment in the field would have to print out forms from the Used Equipment Evaluation module, fill out the forms in the field, and then key that data into the system upon their return to the dealership.
Now with CDK MobileInspection, dealership staff can be more efficient and use less paper, staying in control even when they are working remotely.

What You Need to Know

  • Initiation of an inspection to take place in the field is done by checking a “MobileInspection” box within the Used Equipment Evaluation module.
  • CDK MobileInspection works in tandem with the Used Equipment Evaluation module, so you need to have Used Equipment Evaluation to utilize CDK MobileInspection.
  • CDK MobileInspection allows the inspection details, multimedia, equipment features, clarifying comments and general memos to be saved within the application and then synced back up to the Used Equipment Evaluation module.
  • With a handheld device with digital photo capabilities, you can even add digital photos to the evaluation at the touch of a button.

Laptop or Handheld

CDK MobileInspection was designed to work with either a laptop computer or handheld device. CDK MobileInspection Laptop Edition is an ideal solution for dealers who have already invested in laptop computers and want to take advantage of their existing hardware. CDK MobileInspection Handheld Edition works with three different mobile devices to suit your business needs.†

The sleek yet rugged Motorola MC65‡ Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) model offers a small device with big business functionality. The Motorola MC65 EDA features the combined power of a mobile computer, camera, barcode scanner and mobile phone functionality all in one durable package.

Cellular or Wireless

Whether you choose a laptop or handheld solution, CDK MobileInspection can be synced up with IntelliDealer from the field via cellular access. If you want to limit your cellular usage or are in an area without cellular coverage, you can quickly and easily sync the data up to IntelliDealer upon your return to the dealership either wirelessly or with a cradle for handheld units.

With IntelliDealer’s Used Equipment Evaluation module and CDK MobileInspection, it doesn’t matter whether the equipment comes to you or you go to the equipment, you’ll have the tools you need to do the job accurately and efficiently.

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