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Riverside Technology, inc.

Mobile Smart Phone Application


The use of mobile smart phones has proliferated over the past several years, putting powerful data processing, visualization capabilities, and data sensors into public hands. Riverside develops applications to use on these devices, which allows users to have a better awareness of environmental conditions. The ability to capture and provide real-time, location-based data that is quickly and easily accessible can improve environmental decision making.

  • Mobile data access
  • Warnings and alerts right on your phone
  • Field crews and rescue personnel have improved access to data on environmental conditions
  • Public recreational users can check environmental conditions for planning and safety

  • Ability to view current and forecasted environmental conditions
  • Real-time, location-based data
  • Access to National Weather Service (NWS) ArcGIS server mapping and geoprocessing services
  • Ability to provide mapping and data access for decision support in the field
  • ESRI ArcGIS for Android API technology
  • New technologies allow creating a single app for multiple platforms

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