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Moisture Mapper Process Management Software is a web based program for contractors to manage and document a water mitigation project. This one integrated program is designed for both residential and commercial projects, thus minimizing implementation, training and cost for having multiple systems that might be required to meet your business needs.

The COST for use of this software can be tailored to your business BY YOU. With one subsrciption for your office, you can easily select the type of porject you are documenting, use the management tools required, and generate the report you need.

Your monthly subscription provides:

  • Web based account, using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and/or Chrome
  • Access from the job site with iPad, tablets, or smart phones
  • XactAnalysis integration for receiving assignment information, mapping the affected area(s) and exporting information to your Xactimate estimate
  • Integration with many CRM systems (may require programming setup)
  • Ability to develop insurance company and adjuster database for quick reference.
  • Ability to customize databases for equipment, labor, materials, vehicles and subcontractors that may need to be assigned to a project.
  • Selectable options for project alerts, report templates, standard / metric measurements, and default values.
  • Password protected access to specific parts of the program. Company management can determine authorized levels of employee access.
  • Standard Moisture Mapper forms for collecting data at the jobsite.
  • Access to QuickCheck to calculate equipment requirements (S-500 calculations for both residential and commercial projects) electrical requirements in amps/KW for selecting generators, and d/h performance calculation.
  • Ability to manage or view projects by specific dates, job status, project type, carrier, city, state, start dates, dollar amount, etc.
  • Full customer support for rapid resolution of any questions.

With this subscription, select either residential or commercial project functionality. All the following features and benefits are included in Moisture Mapper Process Management Software:

Residential Projects:

  • Management of your process; designed to document and validate invoices.
  • Specify administrative and operational project details that stand alone, or are integrated with XactAnalysis.
  • Outline project details, including description and timing of necessary activities.
  • Manage and document drying area setup, S-500 calculations, psychrometric readings, moisture content, and dehumidifier performance calculations.
  • Utilize Xactimate drawings in Moisture Mapper to map the details of equipment placement and display of affected area(s).
  • Work in Progress work sheets available for on-site project management when direct access to the project is not available.
  • Selective report capabilities to include all or part of the information documented in the project.

Commercial Projects:

  • Project management tools; including contacts, comments, diary notes, work activity, and daily logs.
  • Resource management tools including equipment, labor, materials, subcontractors, travel and vehicles.
  • Customizable equipment, labor and personnel database.
  • Ability to upload and edit jpg commercial drawings.
  • Resources separated by category, or in the aggregate to support invoicing.

Additional Functionality:

  • Multiple office integration for managing projects and resources at remote office locations.
  • Selective access to project reports and activities by third party individuals, networks, and insurance carriers.

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