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Monitor-Pro 5 can be used as either the technical and administrative hub of a Monitor-Enterprise system, standalone or in networked client/server mode.

  • All functionality in one place - Monitor-Pro 5 manages the entire monitoring data workflow, from scheduling to reporting
  • Provides a single, consistent data store for any routine monitoring data - MP-5 automatically imports data and collates from multiple and diverse sources
  • Helps to ensure a complete data set by sending alerts when monitoring is due; subsequently warning of missing data
  • Validates and quality checks against user-defined compliance and statistical norms. Then reports and alerts accordingly
  • Automatically calculates KPIs with customisable calculations
  • Makes reporting and data interpretation fast and simple with built-in tools such as graphing, mapping, contour plots and bespoke reports
  • User-definable and flexible throughout means the system is built to your needs and can be changed as required without the need to revert to developers

  • Groundwater, surface water, leachate and potable water quality
  • Air quality
  • Dust
  • Land quality
  • Noise (ambient and blasting)
  • Weather

  • Energy
  • Water usage
  • Waste tracking
  • Complaints
  • Occupational health data including incident statistics
  • Training hours
  • Land clearances
  • Production data
  • Calculated KPIs

  • Potable and swimming pool water testing
  • Noise exposure
  • Dust exposure
  • Biological testing such as blood lead, arsenic, mercury and hepatitis testing.
  • Screening programmes such as drug and alcohol testing
  • Sickness absence
  • Accident, incident and near miss numbers
  • Number of inductions completed

Data Sharing

  • Capability to manage hundreds of millions of readings in a single database.
  • Data summary system to automatically summarise real time or high volume data
  • Designed for both Local (LAN) and Wide Area (WAN) networks
  • Optional multi-site or single site databases feeding into a central corporate KPI database
  • International options - object names and output reports can be configured in any language
  • Accepts various data and number formats.

Quality Management and Compliance

  • MCERTS Certified; far more stringent than ISO9001 and ispecifically developed for this purpose.
  • Recycle bin (cannot be emptied) for deleted items
  • Login security with either user name and password, or Windows security
  • Automatic data verification based on both historical trends, internal and compliance levels
  • Powerful compliance management system uses 5 dimensional grids of variables, sample points, upper and lower limits, changing limits over time and also different types of limit
  • Email alerts for data validation issues, including unusual values based on historical trends
  • Less than detection limit (<) values fully handled
  • Full aliasing system to manage and resolve different header names in files, and differing names for locations and parameters
  • Sample reference reconciliation system enabling anonymous sample references to be sent to labs and reconciled on import

Workflow Management

  • Scheduled tasks for reporting, updating web sites and sending data files
  • Email file extraction tool to send for example, laboratory data files directly to the auto importer
  • Automatic importer from equipment such as loggers, weather stations etc.
  • Management of monitoring schedules with alerts when data is missing, including automatic calculation of costs
  • Calculator module with comprehensive features to calculate for example KPI’s, water levels and loading of contaminants automatically (also with alerts should the resultant calculated values exceed any warnings or limits)
  • Stream gauging tool built in to assist with loading calculations
  • Automatic Sample Pre-registration system with LIMS systems


  • Built-in summary, raw data and pivot tables
  • Graphing (user configurable) built in with direct export to Excel (as data or with variety of graph options)
  • Powerful and customisable reporting engine
  • Built in easy to use GIS system
  • Links to external GIS - Arc Map and MapInfo
  • Built in contouring module (links to Surfer)
  • Calendar based data, compliance and schedule planning system (colour coded for rapid assessment)


Time Saving
Managing significant volumes of monitoring data can be very time consuming and costly. Through automatic importing of data, validation and compliance checking, monitoring schedule and automated reporting MP-5 can monitor full data cycles with limited user interaction.

  • Automatic Importing
  • Automatic Data Validation
  • Automatic Compliance Checking
  • Creating Monitoring Schedules
  • Routinely automated and ad-hoc Reports


Data Quality and Validation
All data entering an MP-5 database is automatically quality checked, greatly reducing the scope for human error. It is validated for integrity and compliance checks, whether automatically imported, manually entered, or calculated in the database.

  • Impossible readings stopped
  • Unlikely readings based on historical trends
  • Wrong spelling
  • Invalid dates, Old dates and future dates
  • Data over compliance or warning levels
  • Fully handles '<' values and other text


Compliance Management
Monitoring and reporting company performance related to internal or external targets. The flexible compliance system allows clients to monitor and set targets & limits against any type of data required.

  • Custom limits for any data
  • Breach, Internal, Warning levels
  • Targets created based on previous performance
  • Warnings can auto calculate statistically unusual 'outlier' data
  • Automated email alerts for broken limits
  • Limits and targets can change over time with audit trails and historical data retained.


Security and Traceability
Monitor-Pro 5 offers a high level of security to ensure the data is secure and auditable. No data can be truly deleted from the database and a full audit trail is provided for every data point.

  • Users have unique, secure logins
  • Different user levels have different permissions
  • Audit trails provided for created, edited and deleted records
  • Recycle bin for deleted items and data.
  • Recycle bin cannot be emptied by users
  • On central server systems, data is routinely and automatically backed up


Interpretation and Visualisation
Easy to use tools include graphing, reporting, mapping (both built in, GIS links and Google Earth), contour plots, tables and exports to many formats, including Excel, Word, pdf, HTML, XML and csv

  • Various user-customisable report formats
  • Time series graphing in Monitor-Pro 5 is easily export directly to Excel.
  • Built-in mapping module or exports data too MapInfo or Google Earth
  • Databases have specially designed views that link with ESRI and other external GIS.
  • Ability to easily generating contour plots in Surfer.


Monitor-Pro 5 has a built-in report generation engine. Report templates can either be run by double-clicking, or scheduled to be emailed. Numerous output formats are offered, from pdf to doc, rtf, xls, html, etc. All of our reports are user-customisable, and new reports can be plugged in. Reports can either be user-designed, or we offer a report design and development service.

  • Various user-customisable report formats
  • Bespoke reports available
  • A comprehensive collection of reports provided


All monitoring data in a central database accessed with an intuitive interface. Monitor-Pro 5 can manage any types of data whether discreet or continuous and can links with many other systems or external software

  • Link with other systems such as SAP, PI, LIMS etc
  • Links with other software such as Microsoft office, Map Info, Google Earth
  • Laboratories provide data in a format Monitor-Pro 5 can read automatically.
  • Customisable user interface


Automated Tasks
Monitor-Pro Systems features a large number of automated tasks to make the easy to use and allows users to spend time on reviewing results rather than spending time organising data.

  • Automatic Importing
  • Automatic Data Validation
  • Automatic Compliance Checking
  • Automated Scheduled Tasks
  • Creating Monitoring Schedules
  • Routinely automated and ad-hoc Reports


Manage Monitoring Schedules
Task and monitoring schedules allows users to manage and monitor progress of specific tasks such as monitoring schedules, monthly report, weekly data exports, emailed compliance reports to regulators etc.

  • Automated Scheduled Tasks
  • Creating Monitoring Schedules
  • Automated email alerts for missing data
  • Removes or limits data entry mistakes


Sharing Information
Monitor-Pro Enterprise systems feature a central database which shares information between Monitor-Pro 5, Monitor-Pro Web, Monitor-Pro Field and Monitor-Pro Link. This allows for a controlled and auditable multi-user environment on both local and wide area networks.

  • Shares a central database with other Monitor-Pro software
  • Allows for access to be controlled and audited
  • Functions through Citrix or Remote desktop


MCerts Certified
Monitor-Pro 5 is fully certified to the UK Environment Agency's rigorous quality standard for Environmental Data Management Software.
MCERTS goes two steps further than other quality standards such as ISO9000 because it includes assessments of software coding standards and procedures, as well as an assessment of functionality and data integrity rules specific to managing environmental monitoring data.

  • Fully Certified
  • First generic Monitoring data managment system to be certified
  • 2 steps further than ISO9000

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