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- Handheld application for managing and recording field readings electronically


Monitor-Pro Field links smartphones and tablets of all types with the Monitor-Pro Monitoring Schedule system. Once loaded data can be added and automatically validated against the schedule and synchronised back with the database once the device can reconnect with the database.

  • Multi user, a check-out/check-in process for visits, allows multiple users to work on monitoring schedules.
  • User friendly date and time selectors, ensuring data is entered correctly.
  • Works offline so does not require a network connection while entering data, and therefore can be used in remote locations.

  • Records location (GIS co-ordinates) when entering the data (on devices that support this functionality).
  • Works on all popular smartphone, tablet, and desktop platforms.
  • Works with the Monitor-Pro 5 Monitoring Scheduler to identify what data is to be collected.
  • Users receive reminder alerts for data entry requirements.
  • Ability to flag unusual or impossible data based on the rules set up within Monitor-Pro 5.
  • Users can review the data and percentage complete at any time.
  • When convenient, users can then submit the field data directly into the Monitor-Pro database from the device, automatically updating the monitoring schedules in the central database.


Time Saving
Managing significant volumes of monitoring data can be very time consuming and costly. Through automatic importing of data, validation and compliance checking, monitoring schedule and automated reporting Monitor-Pro 5 can monitor full data cycles with limited user interaction.

  • Automatic Importing
  • Automatic Data Validation
  • Automatic Compliance Checking
  • Removes the need to transcribe results later


Data Validation
Greatly reducing the scope for human error. It is validated for integrity and compliance checks the data before it is committed to the database

  • Impossible readings stopped
  • Unlikely readings based on historical trends
  • Eliminates mistakes in transcribing results
  • Invalid dates, Old dates and future dates
  • Data over compliance or warning levels
  • Fully handles '<' values and other text


Information Sharing
Monitor-Pro Enterprise systems feature a central database which shares information between Monitor-Pro 5, Monitor-Pro Web, Monitor-Pro Field and Monitor-Pro Link. This allows for a controlled and auditable multi-user environment on both local and wide area networks

  • Shares a central database with other Monitor-Pro software
  • Allows for access to be controlled and audited


Work Offline
Does not require a network connection while entering data, and therefore can be used in remote locations.

  • Technicians can collect data in field without an internet connection
  • Securely stores data until a signal is restored


Records GPS
Monitor-Pro Field can store GPS coordinates allowing for accurate recordings of data points sampled locations

  • Records Sampling location against data points
  • Can be plotted on GIS software


All field monitoring data can be captured via all popular smartphones, tablets and desktop platforms

  • Link with other systems such as SAP, PI, LIMS etc
  • Works with all major phone and tablets


Entering Your Data
With Monitor-Pro Field you can enter data for your database any time, anywhere. All you need is a mobile device with a HTML5 compatible browser, and you're ready to go.

  • Built for mobile devices
  • Enter data anywhere you are
  • Enter data at any time, no special equipment needed


Mobile Devices
Monitor-Pro Field works on any mobile device with a HTML5 compatible browser. The bullet points below list the browsers which have been tested.

  • Android using built-in browser, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox
  • Apple iPhone and iPad
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone 6.5 can be made to run Monitor-Pro Field. Phone us for more details

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