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- Version MGSI - Spatial Infrastructure Software


The MGSI is easy-to-use dynamic spatial data integration and transformation product. The MGSI™ makes it easy to take data from one schema, transform it to another schema, and then load it into the desired location using the transformed schema. The MGSI™ can be used by a GIS authority to quickly import GIS data from adjacent authorities. The MGSI™ can then be used to run extensive QA/QC checking prior to updating the NG databases used for location and display services. The MGSI™ significantly simplifies regional database coalescence and updating.

  • Based on Esri’s Arc Map Platform
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Integrated QA/QC checks automation
  • Set mapping transformation rules between input and output data
  • Delta check management
  • Fail safe loading
  • Status updates and progress notifications
  • Support automatic coordinate system projections and transformations
  • Rollback management
  • Create schema-to-schema translators to easily load GIS data from other sources
  • Only need to setup schema to schema translators once
  • Supports different types of data transformations
  • Supports the creation and update of the advanced intersection layer

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