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MultiTrode, Inc.

- Pump Station Manager


The MultiSmart Pump Station Manager is the new face of technology for monitoring and control of water and wastewater Pump Stations. MultiSmart is a comprehensive and easy to use replacement for pump controllers, PLCs and RTUs backed by a 5-year warranty and free software upgrades for the life of the product.

  • Your operations and engineering staff will find it easy to use and configure
  • Wealth of asset and operations data available through any SCADA platform
  • Cuts the cost of a control panel
  • Predictive maintenance indicators (condition-based monitoring)
  • Green... Provides pump efficiency data to empower you to reduce CO2 emissions

What's NEW in v2.0?


The MultiSmart range of products is the result of a $5M development project and over 20 years of experience in control and monitoring technology for water and wastewater Pump Stations.

Many authorities have found that using PLCs to control and monitor Pump Stations results in a high lifetime cost. Operations staff are also frustrated by having a 'black box' which cannot be changed without calling out an engineer.

The MultiSmart Pump Station Manager has an intuitive interface for operators and engineers. No programming is required.  Instead, station performance is adjusted by turning on features and changing parameters. For larger organizations who need the ability to add their own custom features, the product has a PLC option (IEC61131-3 compliant).

  • Intuitive operator interface for pump control, fault resets, viewing of accumulators, flow data, etc.
  • Intuitive engineering interface for set point adjustment, fault & I/O configuration, supply protection, motor protection, station optimization, etc.
  • No programming required
  • Compact flash port allows simple and fast configuration, saving, loading and firmware upgrade

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