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The MyGreenBox platform accompanies you wherever you go and displays all the information collected by GreenBox locally or remotely. You can access it from your favorite Web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) in three languages (French, Dutch and English).

This part of the MyGreenBox platform enables to display your production and consumption charts. The charts' color changes according to the measured type of energy. For instance, in the case of electricity production, the chart's columns are displayed in green. For water consumption, the chart's columns are displayed in blue.

The monitored meter's index is displayed next to the selected meter. This enables you to check the synchronisation between the meter's actual index and that displayed on the MyGreenBox platform at any time. This is an important feature for index reading and sending to CWaPE, VREG or Brugel.

The other icons are respectively used to display the energy's total consumption and production, to compare the various meters with each other and to export data in Excel format in order to create more in-depth statistics.

The icon displays the index history for the displayed meter. This option will come in handy for landlords wishing to remotely read indexes for tenants moving in or moving out.

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