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The pyramid allows structuring, filtering and sharing experience among consultants and SMEs from a sector (e.g. Construction) and/or theme (e.g. Maintenance) and/or domain (e.g. Health&Safety). This module is based on the concept of sharing experience via a system of pyramids which can be customized at will, for any type of sector, theme and domain application to serve specific sectoral needs of small organisations. Consultants and associations can structure the pyramid with specific content or direct links to institutional knowledge and legislation which they consider helpful to their own clients. The pyramid structures information, multimedia content, eTraining and links to external databases. These can be linked directly to the integrated management containers of myPROMIS, providing enormous added value based on the fact that employees receive the answer to their questions at ‘a fingertip’. This opens the door to a wide range of applications.

The levels of the pyramid from top down represent

  • an Initial Review section (profile of current performance: the baseline)
  • a Legislation section (relevant legislation)
  • a How to improve section
  • a Process optimization section
  • an Integrated management tool (myPROMIS)

The first four levels make up myKnowledge.

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