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myTOMRA is the perfect companion for your TOMRA reverse vending systems. The free mobile app makes recycling more convenient, environmentally-friendly and appealing for your digitally-minded customers. All your customers need to do is download myTOMRA and start recycling!

myTOMRA is designed to encourage more people to return empty drink containers through container deposit schemes, by making it easier for them to plan their recycling trip and redeem deposit refunds.

With an intuitive user interface, myTOMRA allows recyclers to find the nearest reverse vending machine (RVM) and view the operational status of their favorite machine in real time (open, almost full, temporarily unavailable or outside operational hours).

The app also enables consumers to receive and redeem digital vouchers, so they never have to worry about losing a printed voucher again. Going paperless is not only good for the environment but is more convenient for both consumers and retailers.

It’s easy. Your customers are just three steps away from a digital recycling experience:

  1. Create their myTOMRA account. Users download the myTOMRA app from iTunes App Store or Google Play, then create a profile using their email address and set up their payout preferences.
  2. Plan their recycling trip. Recyclers find and select a favorite reverse vending machine on the map in order to view the live status of their preferred RVM.
  3. Return their empties for recycling. Users scan their personal myTOMRA app barcode at the RVM and select their preferred payout option (redeem digital voucher at store POS, transfer funds to their bank account or donate them to charity).

  • Find nearest RVM location
  • Save favorite location for easy access
  • View availability of favorite RVM in real-time
Digital Voucher
  • Replace printed paper vouchers from RVMs
  • Redeem safely through POS (secured with Receipt Control)
Digital Payout
  • Transfer deposit refunds to a preferred payout provider
  • View transaction and activity history
  • Available in selected markets

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