Particle Measuring Systems

NanoVision Technology Software for Viewing Particle Events


NanoVision software presents advanced video information from UltraChem® 40 and UltraChem 100 particle sensors by utilizing their advanced signal processing features. NanoVision Technology® provides the ability to discern differences between real particles signals vs. molecular light scattering signals.

NanoVision software presents visual images of particle events as they occur in the following NanoVision Technology particle sensors and counters from Particle Measuring Systems:

  • SLS-1040 Syringe Liquid Sampler
  • SLS-1100 Syringe Liquid Sampler
  • UltraChem 40 Liquid Particle Counter
  • UltraChem 100 Liquid Particle Counter

Each event can be viewed on a PC in raw and processed form, as well as saved as still frames, videos, and CSV data files. The following features can be applied:

  • Single Shot Detection can capture the next particle event or a user-defined number of particle events.
  • Detection Capture lets you view buffered particle events (events that have occurred during past operation of the particle sensor) as particle images, spatial distribution, and in tabular format.
  • Particle Distribution enables spectrometer functionality, which means you can specify particle channels on the basis of size or signal intensity, and view the data as a histogram.

  • Enables advanced video features from UltraChem particle sensors
  • Enables visual observation of light scattering during particle testing
  • Used to interpret data from complex chemistries with high molecular scattering properties

  • Five menu selections for viewing and capturing images during particle measurement
  • Reference frame observation mode, for selecting the appropriate viewing mode for specific chemical materials
  • Live video monitoring to observe real particle signals
  • Histogram information for particle size relationships

  • Development of particle measurement recipes
  • Diverse applications in semiconductor and process chemical manufacturing

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