- Version SW0NS - Measurement Data Processing Software



Measurement data processing in the wastewater industry. Software with adjusted functions for the wastewater industry. Functions: documentation of measurement places, graphs and table views, creation of statistics/reports etc.

  • NivuSoft is software with precisely adjusted functions for processing of measurement data in the water industry.
  • It is possible to e.g. indicate multiple hydrographs from different measurement places in one common graph. This allows to quickly monitor the discharge behaviour within the channel network and is an effective tool to verify plausibility.
  • Modifications, zoom settings or special views in synchronised graphs, tables or statistics are indicated in all components simultaneously.
  • NivuSoft provides all common calculating functions required to analyse measurement data as known from hydraulics and fluid mechanics.
  • NivuSoft provides versatile options from the documentation of measurement places through indication of readings as tables and graphs to special reports such as evaluation of extraneous water.
  • The software operates local and communicates with the „D2W - Device to Web“ online data portal in order to directly receive and to further process saved rea-dings.
  • Appealing design, clear control elements as well as drag & drop functions ensure intuitive operation.


  • The NivuSoft application serves as a tool for the visualisation of readings coming from the NIVUS device family. The data may be imported as TXT/CSV-files.
  • NivuSoft can be used for hierarchical administration of projects, campaigns and measurement places. Furthermore it is possible to manage additional documents (Text-, Word-, Excel-, PDF-files, and photos) within the project tree.
  • NivuSoft contains modules to visualise readings (graphs, scatter-graphs, tables, and statistics).
  • Moreover there are calculation modules available which allow to perform simple mathematical operations. There are additional options for measurement data processing available which can be used in order to analyse complex mathematical/physical interrelationships (Chapter 13).

System Requirements

Please make sure to have administrative rights in order to install NivuSoft. The software requires Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 as OS for correct function. The Microsoft .Net Framework as of version 3.5 or higher is additionally necessary. Download the .NET Framework either directly from the Microsoft homepage or simply use the installation package supplied with the CD.

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