- Software for the Optimus Sound Level Meters


The NoiseTools software package gives you a quick and simple way to download, analyse and report the noise measurement information recorded by an optimus sound level meter.

For many users, the most challenging part of a noise survey is the reporting and analysis of the results and so having a simple way to view, analyse and print the information is essential.

NoiseTools gives you a range of tools to report and analyse your noise data quickly and easily.

  • Download measurements from an optimus sound level meter
  • Configure your optimus instrument
  • Store and organise measurement data Quickly review measurements with the summary screen overview
  • Produce measurement reports for any available data with print and export functions
  • Export tables and charts for use in other programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Backup and archive noise measurement data

The initial summary screen shows you the most commonly used information and, through simple icons, gives you access to the detailed measurement data.

You can simply print the summary screen to get a quick measurement report.

For advanced users, each and every function measured by the instrument is available for review and analysis and the data can be exported for further use.

To help you keep your noise measurement data organised and easy to find, NoiseTools allows each measurement to be tagged to people, places and projects.

Measurements can be sorted, colated and grouped to make it simple to find any measurement quickly and easily.

As with all Cirrus sound level meter and doseBadge software, NoiseTools is supplied free from any licensing restrictions and can be installed on as many PC's as is needed.

Updates and upgrades can be dowloaded free of charge from the Cirrus website NoiseTools can automatically download and installed updates when they become available.

To ensure that you can run NoiseTools now and in the future, it is compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows Operating Systems including XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8.

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