- Version Nor1026 - Environmental Noise Reporting Software v6


A flexible project oriented PC software package for presenting and post processing environmental noise data from Norsonic instruments. Each project may contain all kind of raw and post processed noise and weather data, audio recordings, voice notes, Microsoft Word or Excel reports and other files such as digital photos and pdf-text files. It can quickly generate a single report or make advanced evaluations and complex project reports.

  • Flexible and versatile user-interface.
  • Evaluation of industrial noise.
  • Evaluation of rail and road traffic noise.
  • Evaluation of residential noise.
  • Evaluation of multiple measurement files simultaneously.
  • Direct import or file read-in from Norsonic instruments.
  • Displays frequency, time-profile, FFT and AC views of the measurement data.
  • Insert and edit markers to recognize noise sources.
  • Replay of audio recordings with dynamic cursor and marker insert features.
  • Post processed event analysis with marker insert feature.
  • Post processed calculations on selected pre-marked sections.
  • Rating calculations according to national standards.
  • Pre-defined project reports.
  • L(t) view of calculated functions.
  • L(f) view difference calculations.
  • User-defined project reports.
  • Supports weather data.
  • Online view of measured values from several instruments in conjunction with Nor1022 NorMonit.
  • MS’ Excel template based NorReport measurement report feature.

  • Sophisticated 3D and Spectrogram views.
  • L(t) View window range is part of default properties.
  • Follow cursor frequency band in L(t)+L(f) views.
  • New scrolling feature in graphs. Use <Alt+LeftArrow> and <Alt+RightArrow> to scroll the graph while the cursor remains “fixed”.
  • Marker displayed as colour overlay in L(t) views.
  • Legend position selectable to top, bottom and right.
  • Multi-select within “Selected function” for setting of colour, line-width etc.
  • “Impulsive” calculation and marker insert in accordance with BS-4142 (2014) Standard.
  • New “Running Leq” calculated function.
  • “Minus-operator” calculated function in event-analysis.
  • For DM 16/03/98 or DIN-45681 calculations:
  • “Recalculation-button” has been added to context-menu for selected area.
  • New “Residual (All sources)” special calculation source. Everything except all toggle-marker areas for the measurement in question is part of the calculation(s).
  • L(t) View of calculated level difference between selectable functions.
  • Positive and negative start offset for calculated functions.
  • Support for multiple selection in the Workspace-tree using <Ctrl-Click> or <Shift-Click>.
  • Pre-selected window range via GoTo dialog box.
  • Redesigned L(t)-graph High/Low graph-style (now draws vertical lines when graph is compressed).
  • Auto-generation of “Multiple Consecutive L(t)” windows.
  • “Generate All Word Document” and “Add All To Word Document”.
  • Alternative graphical print-out feature for thin lines (“WYSIWYG”).
  • Adjustable “lower calculation floor” for the statistical Ln’s
  • Opens Nor150 repeat/synchro measurements (as individual measurements).
  • Supports Nor150 measurement results including voice, pictures, text notes, etc.
  • Windows 8 compatibility.

The possibility to use Excel macros can be quite useful, but there are quite strict limitations in their use, as any minor change of or missing data in one particular measurement file will force the macro to crash. It cannot, therefore, be guaranteed that later versions of NorReview will run existing macros without the need for modifications. To overcome these limitations NorReview offers an alternative solution for users who have no personal experience with macros.

The add-in tools facility includes pre-designed routines for presentation and calculations to your NorReview package. These tools are made in professional software languages and offer much better operational security than macros. These optional add-in tools are designed for more advanced use of the NorReview package and to perform predefined functions in line with different international or national requirements. Extensive marker editing, event analysis, in-depth calculations on sub-sections, frequency analysis and simultaneously evaluation of multiple measurement files are possible using these add-in features. Rating calculations such as the Lden-calculation, the German TA-Lärm 1998, and the Italian DM 16/3/98, may also be added.

The previously mentioned Summary Reports is a quick and simple way of making pre-defined reports. However, many professional users have a need for detailed reports according to their user-defined templates. This is possible using the NorReport ad-in tool.

This means that each individual customer can tailor the NorReview package to perform in accordance with the local needs.

  • Option 1: Event & Calculations
  • Option 2: Level vs. Frequency view
  • Option 3: Multiple measurement files
  • Option 4: Audio replay
  • Option 5: NorReport
  • Option: Calculation of the Lden value
  • Option: German TA-Lärm Standard
  • Option: Italian DM 16/03/98 Standard
  • Option: Pure Tone
  • Option: Impulsivity

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