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Increase safety awareness among your employees, and create an effective ergonomics program. You can jump-start a safety culture that will make a real difference. Our platform enables easy management of your company-wide—even global—ergonomic safety software. You can identify high-risk individuals, help employees discern their own risky behaviors, and show them how to improve. Employees can make changes to reduce computer-related discomfort and any other activities that could lead to an RSI.

Speak Everyone’s Language

Reach all your employees around the world with our software, which is localized in 12+ languages.

Focus Your Efforts

Assist the employees that need the most help. Keep your safety team’s workload efficient and effective, and use program-level reporting to use your resources wisely.

Demonstrate ROI

Show data supporting risk and discomfort reduction throughout your organization.

Empower Employees

Hand employees the tools to reduce—and eliminate—their high-risk behaviors through education. They’ll learn how to identify and address behaviors before discomfort and injury develop.

Protect your employees, and help them protect themselves.

Provide personalized guidance.

With to-do lists tailored to each individual, they can take action to resolve potential issues themselves. With support for multiple languages and regions, our platform is built to meet every office’s needs.

Gain an automated advantage.

Employee training and self-assessment is automated and self-paced. Measure employees’ computer use in real time, supply them with interactive break timers, and encourage proactive prevention with forget-me-not reminders. Even on-site case management evaluations automatically generate reports for employees and managers.

Lend your safety team a hand.

Assign risk and discomfort values to each individual. Your reports allow the safety team to quickly identify high-risk individuals and who needs help resolving issues.

The Unique Enviance Advantage

  • Manage global programs.
  • Identify high-risk individuals readily—and anytime.
  • Easily generate worker’s compensation documentation.
  • Teach employees how to mitigate risk, correct themselves, and prevent RSIs.
  • Help your safety team identify which individuals need the most assistance so they can focus their efforts.
  • See your safety team’s impact via an intuitive reporting interface, and demonstrate your impact to your management team.
  • Finally use a comprehensive solution. Our solution even creates a thorough online profile for every employee, complete with historical tracking of relevant ergonomic events and actions taken.

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