Knowledge Process Solutions (KPS)

Knowledge Process Solutions (KPS)

Oilfield Data Analyser Software


KPS Oilfield Data Analyser has been used by onshore and offshore oilfields to successfully identify and quantify subsurface interactions between wells from the analysis of field production and measurement data including the level of injector support for producer wells, injector well interactions and subsurface interactions between producer wells. Results can bring benefits in terms of increased production and reduced injection costs through more effective water injection and maintenance of existing wells and be used to validate results from any existing simulation model of the reservoir.

Key Elements of Solution

  • Dirty, noisy and missing data is cleansed and filtered using proprietary algorithms. Sources of data include daily production data such as oil, water and gas rates and/or field measurements such as well head pressures, flows and downhole pressures where available.
  • Significant events related to each well are defined such as a sustained increase in production rate or downhole pressure for a production well or a period of no injection or sustained decrease in flowrate for water injection.
  • Events are defined and automatically applied across multiple wells over the entire wellsite or field to produce the Field Event Map.
  • A powerful Event Association Engine automatically identifies potential interactions between well events across the field such as periods of no water injection and changes in production or downhole pressure.
  • Interactions are characterised in terms of strength, repeatability and time delay and may be based upon any relevant time period of operation from a few months to many years as required.
  • Results from the analysis are displayed either in tabular or geographical format to allow easy interpretation of results and may be selected by strength of interaction, individual well, nature of event or proximity.


  • Visual map of events & interactions
  • Validation of results from reservoir simulation model
  • Injector- producer support identified
  • Improved effectiveness of water injection
  • Relative strength and time delay of interactions quantified
  • Increased oil production and reduced injection costs
  • Improved understanding of reservoir behaviour
  • On-going monitoring of well events and interactions

Technical Advantages

  • Patented approach uses only existing production data – independent of any first principles models of the reservoir
  • Scaleable application in terms of number of wells and ability to consider many years of operating data
  • Individual event definition can be as complex as required – then applied automatically over an entire well site or field
  • Interactions are automatically identified on a field wide basis in terms of strength, repeatability and time delay
  • Results are presented in a transparent and easy to understand format - providing insight and a “bird's eye view” of field operations
  • It is not a “static” document – new data can be imported and events generated on a regular, monitoring / surveillance basis

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