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Remote control and automatic optimisation of your entire network. oNet enables remote control and automatic optimisation of pressure at PRVs and pumps across your entire network.

Remote control
You can determine and set your own control philosophy for PRVs and pumps on the network. You can opt for a fixed outlet pressure knowing that it will be precisely controlled to that level with the minimum Factor of Safety, and confirm that that is what is being delivered. You can set up simple timed control. Or you can implement a control curve that you have manually calculated.

You can set any combination of remote control or automatic optimisation of pressure well in advance using a simple calendar function. For example, if you have an area of the network serving a sporting or cultural event, you can schedule this requirement well in advance.

Automatic optimisation
With automatic optimisation, oNet algorithms determine the optimal control philosophy for PRVs and pumps to achieve a targeted minimum control point pressure. The system automatically adjusts for flow-related headloss and delivers smooth and accurate control, including accommodating fire demand. The system learns and adapts to seasonal, cultural and growth related changes in demand over time.

For PRV control, you can set constraints on how control is exercised in extreme circumstances to ensure that the network is protected. For pump control, this is incorporated into PLC programming.

Why i2O?

Accurate and smooth control

oNet delivers a wide range of major business benefits

  • i2O is the only company using a dedicated pilot valve designed to continuously adjust pressure rather than actuating a pilot valve designed for occasional manual adjustment.
  • i2O uses open loop control which ensures that ‘hunting’ behaviour exhibited by closed loop systems is avoided, and that communication failures do not affect operations.
  • Rate and gradation of pressure changes can all be programmed in advance.
  • Protected by patents which are not licensed to third parties.

Schedulable control

  • Any combination of control philosophies and target pressures can be scheduled easily in advance through a calendar interface.

Suite of solutions

  • Part of a suite of smart water network solutions that enable clients to maximise their investment in data logging, network monitoring and pressure control.

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