Openwind Software


Most advanced software for creating  and optimizing turbine layouts, designing and costing balance-of-plant, performing energy estimates, and conducting ancillary analyses to produce a plan banks will approve.    

  • Determine the best layout balancing energy output with construction costs using the AWST exclusive Cost of Energy Optimization module
  • Deep Array Wake Modules are more accurate than leading competing modules and are essential for estimating wake losses for utility-scale wind farms
  • Software developed drawing on over 30 years of consulting expertise assures confidence from financial institutions
  • Compatibility with other wind software enables seamless file sharing & easy migration of existing procedures
Maximize Energy Optimization
  • Cost of Energy Optimization
  • Gridded Turbine Layers
  • Reduced and Quantify Uncertainty
  • Multiple Design Turbine Layout Option
Minimize Energy Loss
  • Deep Array Wake Models (DAWM) & Standard Wake Models
  • Time Series Energy Capture
  • Directional Curtailment, Inflow Angle, Turbulence
  • Non-Ideal Performance Losses
Environment Management
  • Noise Modeling - based on ISO 9613-2
  • Turbine Scheduling (Noise, Bat, Shadow-Flicker Curtailments)
  • Shadow Flicker
  • Visual Impact Modeling (variety of ZVI measurements)
Work Efficiencies
  • Effective Turbine Intensity
  • Exporting Options
  • Vast amount of files accepted
  • GPS Integration
  • Scripting Tool
  • Validated Energy Capture

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