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The OPTIC System is web-based safety software that integrates database and internet communication technologies to help people operate healthy, safe, productive workplaces. We have multiple modules in four sections including: Qualified People. Employee management, including training, Contractor management, Meetings Management and Awards and Incentives; Hazard Identification and Control. Inspections, Job Hazard Assessments, MSDS Tracking, Tools and Equipment; Incident Management. Incident reporting and investigation, Wellness management; Helpful Resources. Forms, documents, safety manuals.

This is a performance oriented system that counts compliance as only one factor to consider. We also include ease of use, efficient data entry, access to filtered information, tracking outstanding actions, generating standard reports and using the information for continuous improvement.

Software is a tool to help you do your job better. Using interaction design we focus on improving the behaviour of the software so that it helps people accomplish their assigned tasks. This is much more than just collecting and storing data. It involves understanding the role of the person in the company (as opposed to their role in the software system) and how the work they do with the software, makes their offline job easier and leads to superior performance.

We are here to build confidence and help people experience success.

For example, the largest users of the software are often outside the safety department. They are administrative and operations staff who do not have the time to deal with a slow, unresponsive system that does not make intuitive sense. They need to be able to get to their specific jobs quickly and efficientlywithout rooting through an overly complex navigation system that may make sense in theory, but is a pain in practice.

We do field studies to review how users actually use the software as well as understand the environment they are expected to work in. We are continually improving the modules based on input from The OPTIC System Community of users and advisors. The web carries powerful technology. We are only scratching the full potential of its potential for productivity and superior loss management performance.

If there is a task you are struggling with, maybe we can help. Call us to for an operational review and we'll see whether our system can help you, or whether there is an alternative. Our experience along with our our sister company Primal Tribe understands how to make the best use of the web in your business.

The software is designed for construction and construction trade services, asset intensive manufacturing and processing companies, utilities and municipal services. This has enabled us to support operations with significant employee movement (active/inactive) and eliminate the need to redo records every time an employee is reactivated for a job.

It has also allowed us to support operations with centralized fabrication and on-site field services with tools like incident summary reports by location and forms that can be filled in offline and uploaded once your are back in range of a good Internet connection.

Our current customer base operates systems anywhere from 15 to 8,000 employee records in a range of sectors including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas services, environmental services and municipal government.

If you are a health & safety consultant looking to provide your clients with powerful web-based safety software, consider joining our affiliate program. 

Our affiliate program establishes service agreements with experienced health & safety professionals to introduce and support the use of The OPTIC System, to companies that can really benefit from the use of web-base safety management tools. With a portion of the subscription allocated to your direct support activities, this becomes an attractive addition to your income, as well as an enhancement to your overall service portfolio.

In particular we are looking for people with a strong interest in continuous improvement techniques and the initiative to find ways to use the web to enhance the performance of people in the workplace.

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