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Optical Screening Tool Data Acquisition & Display (OST) Software


The Optical Screening Tool Data Acquisition & Display Software (OST) was developed by Dakota to be an intuitive and powerful tool for the collection and manipulation of data from our optical screening tools. Built for use on a Windows operating system, the software handles all communication with our instruments. The user is able interface with the data, including generating log images and advanced batch processes. Like our instruments, our software shows that Dakota has been in the field for years and we know what makes working easy and what makes it hard.


Intuitive layout and user friendly

  • Don't have a to be a computer whiz or know how to operate complicated UVOST components like the oscilloscope; the software handles all the headaches
  • Modern look and feel means you don't look like you are using old technology
  • Displays current Waveform, Signal, Conductivity, Hammer Rate, and Push Rate in real-time
  • Emulation mode for lab studies

Designed with field use in mind

  • The buttons and options you use in the field are large and prominent, the rest get out of your way
  • The software excepts commands from the Remote LCD Display, such as start push and end push
  • Auto-file numbering: start with file UVOST-01 and the software will suggest UVOST-02 next log
  • Software handles any rod length or window offset
  • Automatically handles GPS communication (using the GGA standard)
  • Able to recover from power loss and having to restart mid-hole

Create attractive jpg log files

  • Use the software to highlight up to five callout waveforms, may be an average of a depth range
  • All the pertinent log info along with your logo at the bottom of the log
  • Auto or manual control of scaling
  • Option to include reference line on log
  • Both portrait and landscape mode supported along with standard letter size or 11x17
  • Create bare logs without the callouts and info for use in fence diagrams (with or without axis, may even select a black background)
  • Import any depth vs. signal data for side-by-side viewing

Batch file handling

  • Within seconds you can create log images for an entire site with the same scaling, no need to open each file individually
  • Create a site summary text file with a few clicks, includes: file name, coordinates, max signal, final depth, etc.
  • Determine total footage pushed across one site or multiple sites with ease

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