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Your Advantages with Opticloud as Overview

Access and handling


  • access to Software via Internet Browser
  • user friendly access: 1 username and password for all software applications by sharing of OPTINET and OPTIMANAGER
  • menu navigation intuitive and easy to handle
  • multi client functionality

Complete system


  • one system for several jobs
  • reduce of software mixture
  • no compatibility problems by using of several software and hardware applications
  • reduce of interfaces to third party software and their update risk
  • reduce of license costs for software applications which are used for subtasks

Certified data security


  • the data security follows the requirements of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (law of German Goverment for data security)
  • safe user access via SSL line*

SSL 256 bit encryption (Key: 2048 bits)

Installation and maintenance

The access to the software applications is provided by the Internet Browser.


  • no installation, web based application
  • self acting updates
  • independent from operating system
  • no bugs caused by software-mix
  • no system requirements
  • (processor capacity, memory space)
  • licenses independent of users and workstations
  • fl exibility on workstation exchange

Save webserver

The software applications are installed on a safe webserver. For the access to the software applications an internet connection is required.


  • server security and safe data communication without additional costs
  • no hosting costs for the Webserver
  • save user access via user name, password and SSL line

For OPTIMANAGER we recommend a high speed
internet connection.

Save database server

The database for the applications is located
on the SULO server.


  • self acting data backup and archiving
  • no costs for database licenses
  • no database server installation and maintenance
  • strains no capacities of internal servers
  • no server security costs

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