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- Tenant Billing Module


The optima Tenant Billing module simplifies the process of creating invoices for tenants or internal recharging of energy to departments. One of the key features of the Tenant Billing module is its flexibility to cope with real world situations, where complex meter arrangements may require addition, subtraction and the apportionment of meters.

Accurate utility bills can be generated from sub-meters, supplier meters, AMR meters, BEMS systems or manually read meters, in any combination or proportion. The costs applied to the consumption can vary from simple cost per units charges to the most complex recharging tariffs using standing charges, capacity, demand and multiple unit bands.

Once the data is loaded, invoices can be created in bulk and then printed and issued. Payments can be recorded and debtor statements produced.

  • Produce accurate bills
  • Define supplier or landlord tariffs
  • Print invoices in user-defined templates
  • Generates unique invoice numbers and tax point dates
  • Track invoice status of paid or unpaid
  • Export invoice summary to finance system
  • Report on invoices issued and outstanding
  • Produce invoices to a specific date for change of tenancies

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