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OPTINET - Integrated Disposal Management

The software solution with which you manage your bin systems and collection points, allocate the property addresses and RFID transponders, implement change services and bin distribution maintain data on fee-payers, organise your collection rounds, supervize identity and collection tour data, allocate jobs and calculate charges in compliance with the law. OPTINET is the software application that you can use from any computer with Internet access and with which you can successfully manage your disposal services. OPTINET is modular in structure and therefore offers you the freedom to use the software package according to your individual needs. This way you only pay for the function packages that you need and actually use.


Modul Basic

Uncomplicated access to the software application Unlimited user access

The Basic module is the system’s core. This is where the database and the server infrastructure are set up and also where your user groups are defined. There is no limit to the number of users who can access it. While desktop applications require a licence fee to be paid for every user, OPTINET is entirely cost-neutral in this regard. If you need more users to access the application after the initial installation, we deal with registration as part of the OPTINET SERVICE contract. If the administrative privileges change, their implementation is also covered by the OPTINET SERVICE contract.

Flexibility in the deployment of your team

The various tasks involved in day-to-day waste disposal cannot be undertaken by one person alone. Your team therefore consists of dispatchers, employees who process orders and are responsible for contact with customers, staff who do the accounts, etc. In other words, the team that ensures the doorstep collection of recyclables functions seamlessly is a large one. Since OPTINET can be called up regardless of the workstation, you have the freedom to offer each of your team members user access through appropriate administrative privileges, without having to worry about licensing costs and installations on the individual workstations.

Equipment module

A clear view of bin stock

In the Equipment module you can manage your facilities. In this case,in OPTINET, waste generators are the item in question. The waste generators include your bins and your other facilities such as underground systems or depot containers. In this module all waste generators are imported separately according to contingents based on their stock data. You subsequently

record your waste generators yourself. If your stock data initially have to be processed for import, we can offer you this service with OPTIINSTALL SERVICE+.

Added value with RFID transponders

If you have OPTICHIP RFID transponders fitted to your bins, then all transponder numbers can be linked to those of the bins in the Equipment module. This means you can monitor the average useful life of your bins over the long term and thus plan your requirements for replacements. If you also link the RFID transponder number (for R/O transponders) to the property data (address of the installation location), then you can get an overview of your bin stock and its development on a property basis. The link between RFID transponder number and fee-payer enables you to get an overview of the stock development for each fee-payer, regardless of the property address.

Paper-free: Seamless distribution and change services

With the Equipment module, you can plan your bin distribution and carry it out seamlessly. When it comes to replacing defective bins, carrying out repairs on site and new registrations and deletions, you have the ideal planning tool with OPTINET. In combination with the handheld OPTIPAD reader device, you have a perfect data communication method, since the interfaces for the OPTIPAD software are already integrated in OPTINET. Furthermore, the handheld reader device is configured so that it has a barcode scanner and RFID reader, and can thus make work in the field paper-free. While, traditionally, extensive order lists had to be printed out for these types of activities, now you can save not only your printing capacity but also time spent assembling documents.

Use data for underground systems

Underground systems can also be integrated in OPTINET and access control (authorised group of people) can be managed in the form of RFID transponder cards or key fobs via OPTIACCESS. OPTIACCESS sends use data (use frequency per transponder number) via GPRS to OPTINET.

Modul Collect

No unauthorised bins

The Collect module is essential if you want to identify your RFID transponders at the vehicle and exclude unauthorised bins from collection. If you have a situation whereby the fee assessment is not allocated to the producer, i.e. the fee-payer, then with OPTINET in connection with OPTISYSTEM 2+ or OPTISYSTEM 3+ you can ensure that no more unauthorised bins are emptied.

Better collection tour capacity utilisation

The collection tour management functions in the Collect module enable you to plan rounds with the help of the bin stock information and the property addresses (location of waste generators -> bins) in relation to the collection fraction. This way you have the opportunity to coordinate collection volumes on the rounds and to optimise the route to the incinerator / disposal site or the depot.

Efficient and safe collection rounds with comment functions

Comments entered at lifter terminals EST03.1 or EST05 on the vehicle (OPTISYSTEM 2/2+) or recorded by the on-board unit BC04 (OPTISYSTEM 3/3+) can be integrated into the collection tour guidelines. With OPTISYSTEM 3, tour-related comments such as “Caution: school” can be entered directly into the on-board unit BC04 and thus integrated into the collection tour guidelines. Bin-related comments, such as “Bins located in the backyard”, which are entered in the on-board unit BC04 with OPTISYSTEM 3+, can be taken into account when planning collection rounds. This means safety is improved and the rounds are more efficient.

Legally valid notifications Producer-based billing

By using an identity system, i.e. OPTISYSTEM 2+ or OPTISYSTEM 3+, you can take advantage of the Collect module to directly allocate the disposal service to the fee-payer. The collection data sent by the vehicle’s equipment via GPRS contain an overview of the identified bins as well as possible read errors. This puts you in a position to produce legally valid notifications and to give citizens transparency with regard to your services.

Collection tour planning for underground systems

Through the integration of the access control system OPTIACCESS and/or the fullness monitoring OPTIFILL, you can use the data these provide to plan your collection rounds for underground systems and/or for depot containers.

Modul Order

Seamless order management

The Order module is your classic order management tool. It enables you to manage all pending tasks of your day-to-day business and to organise operations. The Order module is used when you need to process citizens’ requests and enter change orders or to organise a bin change.

Perfect workflow

The advantage of using the OPTINET system solution in combination with the master data (Equipment module) and in combination with the collection tour management (Collect module) is that orders can be managed without problems caused by interfaces with third party software.

Manage one-off services with no problems

If citizens order one-off services, such as the wash service or bulky refuse collection, you can record these orders here.

Order management even without an identity system (flat-rate models)

If you don’t have bins with RFID transponders or vehicle equipment for identification or tour monitoring purposes, then the Order module offers you all the functions needed to carry out your day-to-day orders. If you also integrate the billing module (Invoice) then you can carry out the billing process conveniently according to the container size used as well as the fraction and the tariff model.

Modul Invoice

Full integration of the ordinance

The individual fee ordinance is mapped in the Invoice module and serves as the basis for billing. The fees are calculated on the basis of the emptying data sent by the vehicles depending on the level of usage of OPTINET in combination with the OPTISYSTEM vehicle equipment.

Billing also without an identification system (flat-rate models)

OPTINET does not require identification of your property equipment. Since OPTINET can also manage your inventory of bins reliably without RFID technology, you can use the Invoice module in such a case even without the Collect module because the emptying data is not relevant. If you do use an identification system, for example OPTISYSTEM 2+ or OPTISYSTEM 3+, and the identification is used exclusively to make sure that only registered bins are emptied, then billing is only based on the property data.

Seamless service data collection with identification and weighing systems

If you use the identification system to collect fee-relevant data, i.e. on the basis of emptying frequency, then the collected data is fed into your billing model. If you weigh the bins on the vehicle, for example with OPTISYSTEM WEIGHT, then such data can also be fed into OPTINET and used to ascertain fees. An itemised statement of services can be included with the billing notification if desired.

Based on waste producer for underground systems

OPTINET is also capable of managing the usage data of underground systems and – if there is also RFID access control here in the form of OPTIACCESS – billing on a waste producer basis.

Individual services integrated

Furthermore, the rates for individual services such as washing or special collection can be entered, which are billed on a pay-as-youthrow principle. The services can be used on the basis of identification data or on the basis of specific work orders such as ordering the collection of bulky waste by telephone.

Different notification types

Besides annual notifications, the Invoice module includes change notification functionality and provides different billing periods.

Design specifications

In the design of the fee notifications, we orientate ourselves to your corporate design specifications so that you can maintain your communication style vis-à-vis your fee-payers.

Statistics for a quick overview

Export functions for detailed analyses according to individual requirements

Extensive, predefined statistics can be retrieved in all modules to give you a graphically prepared, visual overview of the relevant information. For analyses that are to be perfectly tailored to your information requirements, you can use the export function and then analyse the data conveniently in MS Excel.

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