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OPTIONS is a sophisticated and efficient analytical tool that can be used for a host of land-based problems dealing with almost any resource issues whether it be wetland vegetation management, urban/forest interface, restoration, grasslands management, bio-energy or multi-faceted forest uses.  OPTIONS is used by both industry and government organizations and has been used on large and small landbases in Asia, South America, Canada and the United States.  Over the last 20+ years OPTIONS has been used to analyze over 200 million hectares (500 million acres) worldwide.

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Our proprietary, spatial, land-management planning software. With over 20 years in development, OPTIONS software from DRS enables users to successfully navigate today’s complex regulatory and land management environment. Manage your land efficiently and sustainably – from grasslands or wetland vegetation management to bio-energy or urban/forest interfaces, we promise you’ve never seen an analytical tool that’s quite this effective.

Some highlighted features of OPTIONS:

  • operates at the individual GIS-polygon level and maintains built-in links to GIS
  • accurately relates spatial constraints, target and land management activities to the policy and strategic planning level
  • enables analysts to develop land management scenarios quickly, run them and evaluate the results

  • Multiple operation levels - operates at the individual GIS-polygon level and maintains built-in links to GIS, which enables spatially specific management rules, constraints, and results to be included in analyses and displays
  • Relational capabilities - accurately relates spatial constraints, targets, and land management activities to the policy and strategic planning level
  • Efficient performance - enables analysts to quickly develop, run, and evaluate land management scenarios
  • Risk analysis - examines the sensitivity of your land base to various risk factors, such as regulatory and market changes or inaccuracies in underlying data
  • Unparalleled accuracy - predicts future cash flow with more confidence than ever before
  • Sustainability management - demonstrates sustainability across a range of factors, including Triple-Bottom-Line sustainability factors
  • Enhanced tracking - accurately tracks your costs and revenues across individual treatments and forest management activities, plus estimate gross and net cash flows, and DCF and NPV computations
  • Unlimited scope - planning horizon is user dependent, accommodating timelines from 1 to 9,999 years
  • Standardized reports - includes a set of standard reports, exportable to any Windows-compatible file format
  • Fully customizable - easily create custom reports and graphic outputs
  • Elegant output - outputs can be produced in mapping and reporting formats, both spatial and temporal, for elegant public presentations

OPTIONS is an ideal solution for:

  • Policy impact analysis
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Ecological and habitat modeling
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Traditional timber supply analysis
  • Financial/investment analysis
  • Verification of sustainable forest management plans
  • Carbon credit calculations
  • Bio-energy valuations
  • Silvicultural regime evaluation
  • Fire/pest/disturbance risk analysis
  • Sustainable development/sustainable land use analysis

At DRS, we have a long history of developing software solutions that set higher standards for industry excellence in forestry and agriculture.

DRS software is designed to streamline processes and provide an array of practical, efficient and user-friendly benefits for all types of sustainable resource management applications. Our tools are intended to make the job of your operational foresters and field staff easier, while at the same time procuring accurate, timely, and valuable data.

Committed to your Satisfaction

At DR Systems, we’re committed to your complete satisfaction. We value any and all feedback, as we use this input as the basis for future software releases.

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