- Field Inspection Interface Module


Make your field inspection results even more meaningful. Ortelium offers an interface with the Online Field Inspection Manager (OFIM) by Olfasense, which was developed especially for the needs of laboratories performing field inspection projects. OFIM is fully compliant with the EN 16841-1 guideline and serves as a central platform for field inspection projects.

Feeding OFIM data into Ortelium, allows combining your results with other relevant data channels, such as odour complaints from citizens, meteo station readings, sensors, location of potential odour sources, etc. - so that a more complete picture of the odour situation can be established.

Different data views on the Ortelium timeline and map help OFIM users and their clients to understand temporal and spacial relations between these data sets in a fast and detailed way.

Learn more about the Field Inspection module: Standard-compliant field inspections in Ortelium

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