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Aquator is a state of the art modelling system that simulates the operation of complex water resource systems. It was developed by Oxford Scientific Software in 2001 and is now used by water companies, consultants and regulators in the UK for future water resource planning studies.

Aquator incorporates a wide range of components:

  • Reservoirs
  • Demand centres
  • Supply from aquifers
  • Linkages via rivers and pipelines
  • Treatment works.

Complex operating rules can be included that accurately reflect real-world constraints such as:

  • Reservoir control curves
  • Licensing
  • Minimum flow requirements
  • Leakage.

There is an Aquator User Group, which enables users to share their experiences of Aquator and to make the most of the software and the latest developments. The first User Group meeting was held in Bromyard, Herefordshire on 16 October 2007. 25 attendees from water companies, regulators and consultants were briefed on the partnership between Hydro-Logic and OSS and on the new features of version 3. There were also presentations from users. The next User Group meeting is to be held in Stirling on 25 September and will be preceded by a Workshop.


  • Full conjunctive use water resource simulation modelling
  • Optimisation of resource allocation based on resource state and cost
  • Customisation using VBA
  • Data import / export facilities to Microsoft Excel
  • Animated schematic in model operation
  • Batch mode operation using VBA.

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