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Output Data and Quality Control Software


AQSystem’s goal is to make work easier for its clients. That’s why the company is constantly developing its software to provide clients with access to the latest data, where and when required.

The AQ500 Wind Finder provides a full set of output data and quality control parameters at each measurement level. The system will also increase the output power automatically when the return echo is weak because of heavy rain or snowfall, in order to optimise data availability.


Wind data every ten minutes

Every ten minutes a new set of wind data is sent from the system to a secure server where the raw data is stored. The data can be monitored live over a secure internet connection. The data can be retrieved and exported in a variety of formats suitable for analysis programs.

Secure data storage

The wind data is stored on secure servers.

Automatic system monitoring

A quick overview of the system status is available in real time and the system parameters can be adjusted through internet

Alarm messages via SMS or E-mail

An alarm message will be sent via SMS or E-mail if something needs to be adressed, like low fuel level.

Get the system coordinates

The built in GPS will provide the installation coordinates, the coordinates are also included in the datafiles. The system can also be programmed to send an alarm if the system is moved from the measurement position.

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