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- Version HMI - Graphical Batch-Weighing Software


NDC inc has developed a complete HMI batch weighing software package that is specifically designed for dealers and contractors that specialize in customizing and manufacturing computerizing feed-mill batching systems. The graphical software is designed for interfacing an Standard computer with a Rice Lake 920i scale indicator with an industrial PLC. This in turn makes a system that is extremely flexible and cost effective. The software is specifically designed for the feed industry and includes the Maximix feed management software. Complete computerized feed batching systems with the graphical PCM batching software are available for end users from our dealers in US and Canada.

The HMI Process Control Manager software is specifically designed for mill designers, dealers or mill owners to integrate a PLC based fully computerized batching system into their custom control panel. It includes the HMI graphical software to interface the desktop computer with a Rice Lake 9201 scale indicator and a Directlogic PLC. By interfacing directly to the customers PLC we have designed this system to be extremely flexible and cost effective. The flexibility of the system is only limited to the feed mill batching requirements and to the imagination of the end user.

The system can be set up as a single scale or multi scale batching system and will control up to 4 liquid meters instantaneously. It supports multiple batch file processing and will create queue files that can be assigned for immediate batching or to be processed at a later date. Some additional features include down-stream control with an unlimited number of load-out bins, mixer discharge rate and grinder particle size settings for each ingredient. The user also has the option of manually operating the mill by double clicking the mouse button on a motor, gate or screw conveyor.

During the batching cycle a graphic screen illustrates the real-time inventory level for each bin, along with animated flow status indication. Interruption buttons on the screen are designed to give the user full control during the batching process.

This software package is designed for the feed industry and includes the Maximix Feed Management Software in addition to the complete automation process control software.

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