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PDGold v7 is used in the 2014 version of the HVPD Longshot PD Diagnostic System. It has evolved over the course of seven versions and further to the experience and knowledge developed by HVPD from over 10 years of direct industrial applications. PDGold software captures a number of power cycles of data at a very high resolution (2 million data points per power cycle, synchronously on 4 channels) and then extracts and classifies all relevant, impulsive PD events for analysis and report generation by PDReader software.


  • Increased data acquisition capabilities (now up to 50,000 segments)
  • Background E/M noise reduction using wavelet de‑noising
  • Faster data processing due to faster processor and software
  • Five times smaller file sizes than the v6 software
  • New automatic and easy-to-use, manual segment classification tools
  • Modern, user‑friendly touch screen interface


  • Easy-to-use OLPD test session configuration and customisation
  • Enables quick (10-minute) diagnostic OLPD 'spot‑testing' of MV/HV/EHV plant
  • Can be used for short-term OLPD monitoring (typically for 12–48 hours)
  • Knowledge-based PD pulse waveshape recognition using EventRecogniser module
  • Synchronous (to within 2 ns) detection of pulse time of arrival, on 4 channels to locate the source(s) of PD to within 300 mm /1 ft

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