PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

- Waste Reduction Equipment for Cloud-Based Software


The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment BriteBin cloud-based software solution empowers councils, local authorities & private sector customers to cost-efficiently manage their waste collection service whilst improving the environment & well-being of people living within their catchment area. BriteBin allows real-time monitoring of bin-fill levels With smarter monitoring, you ensure that containers are never too full or empty, meaning no more expensive clean-ups, fines or emergency servicing.

The BriteBinc data management dashboard provides visibility of fill-levels across the bin fleet and facilitates the deployment of resources towards only those bins requiring service – current practice is to schedule bin collections irrespective of the volume of waste they contain which more often than not is a wasteful use of this costly resource. Individual bins equipped with a bin-fill level sensor feed data via the SigFox or GSM network to the BriteBin console – visibility on fill levels within the individual bins allows resource to be deployed to only those bins requiring service thus increasing the efficiency of the collections service.

  • Cloud-based data management dashboard
  • BriteBin accessible via browser & internet connection
  • Provides visibility on bin fill-levels across whole bin fleet
  • Generates alerts on bin-fill levels
  • Allows intelligent route planning for collections
  • Routes communicated directly to drivers tablets or smartphones

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