Knowledge Process Solutions (KPS)

Knowledge Process Solutions (KPS)

Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics Software


In today’s operating environment process plants are under more pressure than ever to deliver improved operating performance with fewer skilled staff. XpertRule Software enables the rapid deployment of powerful rules based applications for improved plant operation and decision support.

Typical applications include:

  • monitoring plant conditions and alerting operators and engineers to potential problems before they impact plant operations
  • diagnosing the cause of existing faults to enable faster resolution of operating problems
  • offering recommendations and advice to operators to avoid poor or abnormal operations
  • statistical modelling and optimisation of plant operation with built in data analytics and GA optimisation
  • automating workflows such as data validation or manual data capture and alerting to potential issues

Knowledge Capture

Most process companies have certain operations staff that have a deep knowledge and experience of specific plant and process operations. With XpertRule Software this knowledge can be converted into real time monitoring applications that can be retained and consistently delivered as advice and recommendations to less-experienced personnel and for early warning and fault diagnosis systems.

The Knowledge Builder authoring environment has a graphical interface for rapid application development including the use of Decision Trees for graphical display of rules. Advanced features are available such as Fuzzy Logic where multiple fault conditions can be reported with different weightings according to their likelihood of causing a problem.

Data Analytics

Calculations or process models are incorporated via the use of Procedures and there is the option of using built in data analytics to automatically discover and build up rule sets and models from plant historical process data.Data analytics models can be used for predicting values for which there is no on-line measurement such as product qualities or for providing a benchmark value for key performance indicators against which actual plant performance can be compared e.g. actual efficiency versus predicted efficiency.

Real Time Execution

XpertRule Software has been developed for efficient and robust real time execution of rule based applications including the use of time based trend variables to take into account time based changes in process variables.

A range of implementation options allow easy integration with existing process control and IT infrastructure such as PLC and SCADA systems and Plant Historians typically via OPC or ODBC. Deployment options include a client PC or a .NET transaction server with a thin browser client (ajax) interface and running native Apps (rules & interface) on mobile devices (Android and iOS).

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