Permits Management



Every organization faces numerous regulations and legal requirements specific to their industry. The Intelex Legal Requirements, Permits & Related Activities System lets any organization track critical dates and activities to ensure compliance with permitting requirements and regulatory commitments.

The Intelex Legal Requirements, Permits & Related Activities System is a web-based solution for tracking the review, monitoring, reporting, and follow-up actions required for an organization to maintain compliance. It is also designed to manage corporate or industry specific requirements.

  • Comprehensive Management of Legal Requirements
    Manage the review, update, and implementation of legislative requirements from federal, state, local, and other regulatory agencies.
  • Complete Permits Management
    Track the effective date, renewal date, and expiration date of all permits. Associated reporting, measurement, and other tasks related to each permit are also tracked.
  • Non-Regulatory Corporate Activities
    Manage the review, update, and implementation of non-regulatory requirements such as corporate mandates or stakeholder interests.
  • Improve Efficiency
    Decrease duplication of employee efforts by utilizing a centralized portal to manage all permits and regulatory compliance efforts.
  • Implement Corporate-wide Workflow
    Effectively implement consistent, corporate-wide regulatory workflow processes.
  • Send Email Notifications
    Send automated escalating email notifications to individual employees, workgroups, departments, or locations.
  • Exceed Compliance Requirements
    Exceed document control requirements for ISO 15489, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.
  • Set Security Controls
    Establish security controls to determine what files employees, work groups, departments, and locations can access.

Intelex’s Legal Requirements, Permits & Related Activities Software is available as an individual module or as part of the Intelex Environmental, Quality, Health & Safety and Integrated Management Systems.

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