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PIMS - Pretreatment Information Management System


CSi's PIMS provides intuitive and comprehensive information management features for managing industrial permitting, sampling and compliance program. Our PIMS combines the intuitive simplicity of a web-based user interface, the raw data power of industry leading SQL database, and the pure convenience of a portable tablet PC field application - all to deliver the data management solution your industrial pretreatment program deserves.

Industrial Customers

The PIMS customer information interface allows users to establish and track utility industrial discharge contracts, and to set sampling and inspection parameters. Industrial discharge parameters established by the wastewater utility or the regulatory agency can be loaded into the system. For each permit parameter, users can establish sampling frequencies along with minimum and maximum contract thresholds. CSi's PIMS uses the specified sampling frequencies to create monthly, weekly, and daily sampling schedules.

Document Library

The PIMS' unique document management feature allows users to upload and store key documents such as signed contracts, inspection reports, and other utility correspondence.


Our PIMS' sampling interface allows users to track crucial data related to Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) and Self Monitoring Reports (SMRs). Users can enter sampling data and search reports by facility, laboratory used, sample date range, or many other criteria.


The PIMS' inspection interface allows managers to schedule both Compliance Evaluation Inspections (CEIs) and Compliance Sampling Inspection (CSIs). With the tablet PC application, inspection results are recorded in real time, and can be signed electronically by the inspector and the customer. Inspection reports can be printed and delivered on the spot.

Pretreatment Administration

Our PIMS' administration interface enables administrators to configure key program settings such as industrial surcharge rates, lab fees, violation fees, program fees, POTW loading limits, and others.

Tablet PC Field Application

Integrated with the web management system, the PIMS' tablet PC field application enables field personnel to enter information directly in the field, providing real-time customer feedback while eliminating office data entry tasks and data entry errors.

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