Pipe Design Software


AGPS-Pipe Design software quickly and precisely designs drain tile solutions from RTK-GPS topography data! Draw in Mains and Laterals - one by one or in groups - and AGPS-Pipe DesignTM automatically calculates tile depth & slope!

Notable features include:

  • Draw mains with designed depth – including profile view.
  • Automatically draw a group of laterals within a watershed boundary or other break lines.
  • Export to AGPS-PipePro or AGPS-PipeFM+ software for automatic blade control in the field. *Note that AGPS-PipeFM does not import background drawings.
  • AGPS-PipePro offers flexibility to follow the exact designed elevation, or make changes in the field.
  • Compatible with background images from many other sources, or create a contour map from survey data collected in AGPS-Topo.
  • Footage report for amount of tile designed.
  • Other features; pipe sizing, etc. coming in future releases.

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