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PIPE-FLO provides advanced fluid flow network calculations that thousands of companies have come to rely on when designing and operating fluid piping systems. Now system integrators and application developers can include the speed and power of PIPE-FLO within their own custom applications.

The piping system model created using PIPE-FLO has a wealth of information. Using the PIPE-FLO SDK, you have access to the design details contained in the piping system model along with the calculated results.

By having your application talk directly to PIPE-FLO, you can take advantage of our stable program, our fast and accurate calculation engine, and sell into our established customer base.

With the PIPE-FLO SDK, your application can:

  • Add functionally to the PIPE-FLO program
  • Use design information and calculated results from the piping system model while running PIPE-FLO in the background
  • Seamlessly integrate PIPE-FLO with other mission critical applications such as maintenance management, or process monitoring software.

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