The engineering design of pressurized pipelines is a complex, time-consuming task. It requires compliance with a daunting number of design criteria, including pipeline minimum slope, maximum spacing between air release valves, intersection with existing utilities, and pipe cover. Meeting these criteria, along with quality assurance standards, requires repetitive iterations based on sound engineering experience.

A better way to engineer and design pipelines, PipePlan provides all the capabilities needed to streamline engineering design processes, optimize detailed pipeline design (both horizontal and vertical alignments), increase productivity and accuracy, and shorten project schedules. A powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM)solution, PipePlan also features a rich set of automated drawing tools, making it even easier and more efficient for users to quickly generate finished, high quality, detailed CAD design drawings.

PipePlan greatly extends the core features of MWH Soft’s InfoWater providing a comprehensive geospatial environment for water network analysis and design. Users can now leverage their efforts in building detailed hydraulic network models to produce and validate highly professional distribution and transmission line designs in record time and at minimal cost. They can even preserve their “best practice” design information for re-use on future projects, increasing engineering productivity, ensuring quality designs, and preserving their corporate knowledge.

Among its many benefits, PipePlan helps users quickly design pipelines within a flexible, easy-to-use graphical interface; automatically generate pipeline plans and profiles in CAD format; and configure graphical presentation of CAD drawings. The software also helps define the location of pipe ancillary fittings such as bends, air valves, wash outs, end caps and tees; automatically report intersection with existing/proposed utility networks (interference checking); visually check compliance with design criteria; optimize pipeline construction cost; and significantly increase the productivity of design engineers and technicians.

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