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PIPEX - The Ultimate Pipe Explorer Software


PIPEX is a key element of a variety of products for CCTV inspection. A skilled team of engineers and technicians is responsible for maintainance and development of the whole range of products and also for service and hotline. The fundamentals of all development is bearing reference to practical work with our products and a close relationship to our customers.

Due to the combination of long term experience and latest technology PIPEX became an indispensable tool for many companies working in the field of CCTV inspection.

  • PIPEX is flexible. It supports communication to a variety of CCTV inspection equipments as well as export to over 30 RDBM-systems.
  • PIPEX is modular. PIPEX can be configured exactly to suit your requirements both concerning function and price.
  • PIPEX is up to date. Allowing for easy adaption of new legal requirements or new regulations or implementation of latest technology, PIPEX not only offers proper solutions but is also trend setting.
  • PIPEX is not only a program – it is the sum of all experience in CCTV sewer inspection.

Customer support

If you decide in favor of PIPEX, you not only buy software but complete product support for years after purchase

  • Our hotline supports you in questions of order processing, program handling and database management.
  • Our training courses shorten the time to get acquainted with the program. You decide about the extent of training - brief orientation or two day intensive training course.
  • Information about latest developments, new documentation, background and news keep you up to date.


The requirements to meet are subject to constant change. New laws and regulations, technological progress, the wishes of our customers – all that determines the direction of continuous further development of our software. With updates you can keep PIPEX always up to date - according to your wishes either in case of need or automatically by program service contract whenever an update is available, either single modules only or the complete program package.

The standard program versions are:
  • PIPEX basic (+)
  • PIPEX standard (+)
  • PIPEX professional (+)
  • PIPEX manhole

where (+) is for programs with communication interface to camera equipment for data reading.

Languages available are: German, English, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Greek, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish.

Configurable table grids provide powerful tools to search and display existing data. Data editing is done in extra field editor windows that make the task easy and transparent. The number of editor fields is adapted to the required fields on each level of data management.

The user is guided through the program as much as needed and at the same time given as much flexibility as possible - throughout all levels of data management.

data entering

Optimum data conformity is guarantied by providing templates and catalogues in compliance with regulations and laws concerning sewer inspection. PIPEX communicates to your sewer inspection equipment and reads out all required measured data values as needed.

data editing

All data can be changed and edited any time and additional information may be added by the operator as supplement. All editors are adapted to comply with regulations in effect. Configurable picklists for almost every edit field ease the task of editing.

data management

Powerful filter- and search functions make management of huge databases smooth and efficient. An integrated info column in the survey table shows the current state of each survey. Questions like:

“Has the data been saved already?“
“Has the beta section been inspected yet?“
“Has a height profile been measured?“

are answered instantly.

Depending on the survey selected the tabs for each data view are being enabled if the corresponding data is available. With a mouse click you can view digital pictures, section graphs, movies, videoclips, height and temperature profiles.

Measurement - height and temperature profile

height profile history

With this optional module PIPEX offers a tool to compare up to 12 surveys of the same section. The display of all height profiles in one diagram allows the monitoring of long term drift and lowering processes in landfills.


The quality and reliability of height profile measurements can be judged by viewing raw data and reference values.


Values from sensors measuring the temperature of the pipe surface can be logged continuously during normal optical sewer inspection.

The PIPEX measurement function is a powerful tool, fast and easily operated. You can measure crack widths, joint offsets, projecting obstacles, water level, deformation and areas independent of the inspection equipment used.

Polygon areas, measurement circles and haircross cursors are being overlaid to live video by graphic functions that are easily and intuitively operated.

The measured value field is moveable and is being updated automatically. The measured value can be taken over into the observation data record as well as a photo taken showing the measurement complete with all tools and the value displayed in the picture.

The colors of the measurement tools can be changed by the operator to guarantee optimum visibility.

  • measurement of crack widths, joint offsets, projecting obstacles, water level, cross sectional area loss, deformations and areas
  • independent of sewer inspection equipment
  • direct display of measured value in live picture
  • free positioning of measured value field in picture
  • cross sectional area loss either in square millimeters or percent
  • powerful graphic functions to create and position polygon areas, measurement circles and haircross cursors
  • user selectable colors for all tools
  • measured value can be taken over to observation record
  • digital picture of measurement complete with all tools and measured value displayed can be taken to observation record like normal digital pictures

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